Canadians think Mulroney inquiries should end with Oliphant

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According to Senior Vice-President Doug Anderson “From a public opinion perspective, it seems that most of the reputation damage Mr. Mulroney experienced as a result of his relationship Karlheinz Schreiber has already been done. Canadians who already feel less favourable towards Mr. Mulroney tend to be the same people who feel the Oliphant Report will cause further harm, to the former Prime Minister's reputation. Without having yet had the opportunity to read the Oliphant report, the majority feel this should be the last of the inquiries on this topic."

Conservative Lead Grows

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According to Harris/Decima Chairman Allan Gregg “The last two weeks have seen a reversal in fortune for the governing Conservatives. They now lead the Liberals in all regions of the country other than Quebec, and are particularly strong in the key battleground of British Columbia. Despite this newfound strength however, they are still slightly below the support they received in the 2008 federal election, meaning a majority government is likely still out of reach, as of now”

Canadians Find MPs’ Position on Expense Claims Audit Concerning

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According to Senior Vice-President Doug Anderson “Most Canadians expect there have been some instances of expenses wrongly claimed by MP’s and most are concerned about MPs’ refusal of the Auditor General’s request to publicly audit the expense claims. To date, the refusal is probably increasing the concern over this kind of behaviour and this survey suggests that a party endorsing the publication of expense claims may earn a net improvement in voter support as a result.”