Just 15 minutes cab ride from the CN Tower, our Toronto facility is conveniently located down the street from the Eglington subway station. Our three group and viewing rooms are stunning: comfortable, spacious and stylish, plus they feature every amenity and technology you need or want.  To top it off, our dedicated staff are there to help you.

Stylish, Inviting and Spacious Rooms and Viewing Suites: Comfort, convenience and world-class service – our job is to make yours easier.  Just let us know what you need.

Video-Streaming: View the Groups from Your Home or Office: Sometimes you just can’t be there in person, so with our video-streaming systems (in house and ActiveGroup©) you can still be a part of the research process. Ask us how.

Make Yourself at Home in our Moderator’s Office: A fully equipped office that you can work (or play) from while you’re on the road. Internet, phone and printer access give you everything you need.